Too many novice shooters make the mistake of picking up a firearm and attempting advanced shooting techniques. This results in poor success. If a shooter does more practicing using poor shooting habits, the harder it will be for them to overcome those bad habits and develop proper shooting skills. Beginning swimmers should not jump into the deep end of the pool for their first lesson; rather start with basic steps in the shallow end of the pool.

Gold Star Tactical, LLC strives to teach in an environment where shooters feel relaxed and stress free during classroom or range sessions. NRA Certified classes use Total Participant Involvement techniques.

High stress, drill sergeant “in your face”, techniques are ONLY utilized in specific law enforcement and paramilitary training lessons such as: Dynamic Interactive Training Sessions and a few other classes where reacting in a STRESSFUL situation/scenario are the training objective.

Gold Star Tactical, LLC uses a foundation of teaching the “simple or basic” skills before attempting more “complex” ones. Once a student learns the fundamental skills and gains confidence there is greater likelihood of success with advanced techniques.

Gold Star Tactical, LLC is your personal solution for firearms training, home defense and concealed carry. Chief Instructor Dennis Crawford has numerous courses available or custom classes can be designed for your specific interest or need. Gold Star Tactical, LLC can provide group lessons for a company or business, community presentations, civic groups or private lessons for a single person, family or friend. Give us a call or email and we will be happy to speak with you.